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Composer-Curator 2017/18

We are delighted to announce the six projects selected for our Composer-Curator programme - an initiative designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial vision and passion of contemporary composers.

Responding to feedback from artists for the need to shake up the UK’s touring industry, we launched Composer-Curator in 2013, making a space for artists to take risks and to curate, organise and run their own grassroots event series.

From music by Queer composers, to club/art hybrid spaces, this year’s cohort selected projects cover a wide variety of styles and themes, united by the desire to reflect different realities and to reach different audiences. The projects will run over 2017, taking place from Belfast to Brighton.

Meet the Composer-Curators:

Driftglass by Cassie Kinoshi

Cassie Kinoshi

A Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance graduate, Cassie Kinoshi is a London-based composer, arranger and alto saxophonist known for her work with jazz septet NÉRIJA, Afrobeat band KOKOROKO and her own large ensemble SEED. In 2012 Cassie was shortlisted for the BBC Young Composer of the Year award and was recently nominated for Jazz FM Breakthrough Act of the Year 2016 as part of the ensemble Nerija. She is currently Artist-in-Residence at Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross. Alongside working frequently within the world of jazz music and live performance, Cassie has also written for short film with videographers such as Anne Verheij (ICA Best Experimental Short Film Award 2017 Nominee) as well as professional classical ensembles such as the Benyounes Quartet and members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

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#eclectic #contemporary #jazz

Cassie Kinoshi

Tell us about your project in a nutshell…

“Driftglass” is a collaborative, cross-genre concert series that not only promotes the music and existence of my own ensemble “SEED”, but also gives young creatives whose work often focuses on political issues and identity a platform to present their music to a diverse London-based audience"

Who are you hoping to reach with this work?

“The project is aimed at both open-minded young people who are interested in performances that are jazz-related and understand the type of music often performed at the hosting venue as well as those who have negative or stereotyped pre-conceptions about what jazz music is. The subject matter is also aimed at those who are often in a position where there is no need to acknowledge certain societal issues in order to create a much needed discussion about identity, race-relations and politics.”

What are you most excited about?

"I am most excited about creating an event which not only focuses on subject matter close to my heart but provides an intimate artistic experience that will draw together members of different backgrounds.

This is a fantastic opportunity that has given me the resources to bring to life and share a project I feel highlights some of the important issues in our society today through music and dance."

Catch the events: 18th August & 15th September, Total Refreshment Centre, London

Resist by Helena Hamilton and Koichi Samuels

Helena Hamilton and Koichi Samuels

Helena Hamilton is an artist who works both visually and sonically. Her practice is informed by inquisitive exploration of interaction, reconciliation and negotiation between subject, object and environment. Helena is based at Flax Studios Belfast and is represented by The Agency Gallery, London. She has exhibited and performed in both gallery spaces and contemporary music/sound festivals across UK & Ireland as well as Berlin, Rome, Tokyo and New York. Koichi Samuels is a music researcher, producer, DJ and promoter of electronic music based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His techniques and tastes stem from a background as diverse as London warehouse parties, Belfast techno scene, experimental music and noise. Koichi has released solo work on Soma Records, Planet Rhythm and Animal Farm Records and is one half of the duo Spires with Phil Kieran.

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#electronic music #experimental #audiovisual

Resist Composer Curator

Tell us about your project in a nutshell…

"RESIST is an event that combines the energy and freedom of our club experiences with the inquisitive stimulation of our art experiences. We are a platform for bringing electronic music and art together, through media, dialogue and collaboration."

Who are you hoping to reach with this work?

"Club audience, experimental music audience, and art crowd in Belfast, Northern Ireland and beyond." 

What are you most excited about?

"Expanding our network through investing in local talent, at the same time as bringing in top level artists from outside Ireland. And we're creating a new kind of art and music event for Belfast.

This has given us a massive opportunity to do something really bold fusing art and electronic music with truly inspiring artists and creators."

Catch the events: July & October, Belfast - ticket info here and here

ONE by Jacob Thompson-Bell 

Jacob Thompson-Bell

Jacob Thompson-Bell is a composer and creative producer with a particular focus on graphic scores and site-responsive work. He has worked with soloists and ensembles including Matthew Bourne, Philip Thomas, London Sinfonietta, Nonclassical, London Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Opera North, Ligeti Quartet and CoMA. Recent projects include Postcards from Eyemouth (Creative Scotland Open Project Fund, 2017), a site-specific exhibition and musical performance in Eyemouth, Scotland, featuring contributions from community groups and schools. Significant previous projects include Fresh Yorkshire Aires (Grants for the Arts, 2016) featuring exhibitions and performances around Yorkshire, musical tours of Somerset House (Embedded, 2013 - 2015), and collaborative performances at LSO St Luke’s (Soundhub, 2012-14).

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#ambientsound #graphic scores #eclectic

Jacob Thompson-Bell

Tell us about your project in a nutshell…

"ONE is a series of connected events, each presenting the same set of solo piano pieces with specially designed visuals and video, shaped in response to venues and audiences around the U.K. The set will be shaped through a number of techniques, including selectively using video and projection, placing the piano on-stage or amongst the audience, shuffling and fragmenting pieces, using amplification or acoustic sound, and through improvisation. The aim is to create a sense of unity between the various performances in the series, but to allow each audience to reflect on what makes their experience unique.

curator: jacob thompson–bell | pianist: ben gaunt | design + video: debbie sharp | music: claudia molitor jacob thompson–bell ben gaunt  daniel kidane michael betteridge shiva feshareki frank laws"

Who are you hoping to reach with this work?

"Different audiences - ranging from people who are already into contemporary arts and improvisation, to those who are looking to try something new. Every venue in the series has been specially chosen to connect with different groups."

What are you most excited about?

"Building a project that can evolve to the demands of different people and places around the country.

Being part of the composer curator scheme is very exciting - the support will allow me to develop a really strong identity for my project and be proactive about reaching audiences around the UK."

Catch the events: September, multiple cities

Fluid Festival by Trevor Pitt

Trevor Pitt

Trevor Pitt is a Birmingham-based artist and independent curator who is Director of A3 Project Space, Digbeth. He has a track record of creating inventive, intelligent and collaborative projects in galleries and public contexts. He works in various formats including installation, music, performance, exhibitions and events.

Recent projects include:

  • ‘David und Ludwig’, development of an opera as part artist exchange between UK and Austria that explores the life of Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Composing, recording and performing as TREVA
    Producer and presenter of weekly radio programme ‘Sleeve Note Sessions’ that plays and discusses new music

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#queer #postgenre #curious

Trevor Pitt - composer curator 2017

Tell us about your project in a nutshell…

Fluid is a three-day festival that will present a diverse programme of newly composed music by Queer composers alongside a programme of talks, workshops and social activity across four venues Birmingham.

Who are you hoping to reach with this work?

The festival will be a space for a curious audiences to experience newly composed music from exciting Queer artists and composers working in a range of genres and musical forms.

What are you most excited about?

"I'm thrilled to be working with Sound and Music to pilot a new kind of festival that will present a cross genre programme of newly composed music by Queer composers alongside a programme of talks, workshops and social activity across four venuesn Birmingham.

I'm thrilled to be working with Sound and Music to curate the pilot for Fluid Festival with exciting composers and artists across a range of venues in Birmingham"

Catch the events: 23-24th September- Birmingham

ame concert series 2017 by Ryoko Akama

Ryoko Akama

Ryoko is a sound artist/composer/performer, who approaches listening situations that magnify silence, time and space, offering quiet temporal/spatial experiences. Her sound works employ small and fragile objects such as paper balloons and glass bottles, creating tiny occurrences that embody ‘almost nothing’ aesthetics. She composes text scores and performs a diversity of alternative scores in collaboration with international artists. She runs melange edition label, amespace and co-edits mumei publishing.

Facebook // Vimeo // Website

#experimental  #minimal  #contemporary

Tell us about your project in a nutshell…

"ame concerts aim to bring artists to develop new and innovative works and deliver opportunities for new and existing audiences to engage with experimental new music in the North of England. We will celebrate our rural area through frequent and friendly music activities in collaboration with local venues and galleries including The Media Centre, Access Space and The University. 
The suggested two concerts in 2017 will invite six international and national artists to present their music and generate workshops. The first event looks into text scores and minimalistic approach to sound creation whilst the second investigates DIY objects and electronics in developing performances."

Who are you hoping to reach with this work?

"The expected audience is made up of four main demographics: locals, families & children, university students, and music & art specialists. Their age ranges are expected to be across the whole spectrum but the evening audiences will be dominated by people between 25 and 55. Working with localvenues and schools, AME will also reach people who have no previous experience of this field, making it fully accessible to a much wider demographic than it currently reaches. We aim to invite artists and those who rarely visit the North of England and to challenge our curatorial goal. We wish to become a model as a pioneering music hub in a semi-rural setting which faces ongoing socio-economic. We also continue to draw more attention to female presence in all events we create."

What are you most excited about?

"To be able to share experimental and new music scene with both new and existing audiences and to strengthen a partnership with local venues and organisations through exciting events. I am also very excited to have the financial support so that we won’t put any burden on the invited artists economically. It is a great opportunity to continue events in a field of new music ‘here’ rather than ‘in elsewhere’.“Sound and Music's funding opportunities provide a wonderful chance for composers to initiate events with a professional support and to develop their own practice within."

Catch the events: September & October, Sheffield and Huddersfield

Art of Improvisers by Blanca Regina & Steve Beresford

Unpredictable Series is a series on Free Improvisation and its connections to visual art, curated by Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford. It features exhibitions, performances, talks, publications and workshops. Collaborators and guest curators include David Toop, Terry Day, Peter Cusack, Ecstatic Peace Library, Strange Umbrellas, Pierre Bouvier Patron, Dave Hunt, Gina Southgate, Graham Dunning and Sharon Gal. We are preparing summer events in London - Art of Improvisers at Cafe Oto in collaboration with The Wire 400 and supported by Arts Council England and Sonic Waterloo in collaboration with IKLECTIK.

Last summer we organised Alterations Festival in London and it was a blast.

We also presented two Strange Umbrellas evenings in Berlin. In London, we’ve presented a series of events at IKLEKTIC, Cafe OTO, OTO Projects, Ray’s Jazz (Foyles) and Portland Hall (CREAM/ University of Westminster). CRiSAP and Arts Council England have supported our projects. We focus on the creation of works that look at the practice and history of free improvisation. We’re also preparing a major exhibition in London for Spring 2018!

Soundcloud // Twitter // Facebook // Vimeo // Tumblr // Website

#freeimprovisation #groupinteraction #unpredictability 

Tell us about your project in a nutshell…

 "Art of Improvisers presents a festival curated by Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford and affirms the importance of women in free improvisation and arts. It presents, in a variety of ways, both the back history and the current state of women in free improvisation. It also looks at free improvisation’s strong, but rarely noted, connection to visual work.

This show draws on a number of female artists who are part of the newer generation of free improvisers and also artists in different media. The exhibition will draw on an extensive body of previously unseen artwork, documentation and rich archive material. Exhibiting artists include Andie Brown, Tania Chen, Poulomi Desai, Helen Frosi, Sharon Gal, Rie Nakajima, Helen Petts, Julie Pickard and Blanca Regina.

The programme presents workshops with Maggie Nicols, Sharon Gal and Helen Frosi and a talk closing the show. It brings together some of the founding members of the UK free improvisation music scene, plus new generations of musicians and artists, unveiling previously unknown aspects of their art. Joining the evening performances at Cafe Oto will be Steve Beresford, Mandhira de Saram, Terry Day, Julie Kjaer, Maggie Nicols and David Toop."

Who are you hoping to reach with this work?

"Art of Improvisers Extended presents, in a variety of ways, both the back history and the current state of women in free improvisation. It also looks at free improvisation's strong, but rarely noted, connection to visual work.Our audience target focuses on diversity: students, researchers, practitioners, press, artists and anyone that is interested. The festival is likely to attract target audiences: academics through the historical significance of the content, workshops and talks; artists through the exploration of creative practice, cross-art disciplines and performances; press, because the new angle and deep focus of this festival is to present the work of female artists-musicians who are key figures in free improvisation.The festival includes a wide range of art forms and activities around the creative process in art and appeals to a wide variety of audiences."

What are you most excited about?

“To continue developing the project further. We are always very pleased to work with Sound and Music - they've been extremely supportive and dedicated.”

Catch the events: Art of Improvisers - London 15th to 22nd June 2017 

About Composer-Curator 

Composer-Curator is Sound and Music’s national new music touring programme. First launched in 2013, it supports entrepreneurial artists from a range of disciplines looking to create their own opportunities by curating their own events – tours, festivals and concert series – and thus celebrates a step of change in the world of live music touring. Composer-Curator not only creates a space for artists to produce new work; it enables them to hone their curational skills, generating a more sustainable form of practice that can positively impact the new music sector as a whole.


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