News: Meet the latest Portfolio artists!

David Roche and Emma-Kate Matthews
David Roche and Emma-Kate Matthews
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Sound and Music in partnership with the London Graduate Orchestra

David Roche and Emma-Kate Matthews are our next Portfolio composers!

David Roche and Emma-Kate Matthews have been selected to work with the London Graduate Orchestra on our talent development programme, Portfolio. 

As part of the project they will develop new works for the orchestra, stretching themselves in exploring new timbres, textures and sounds with the group.

The two composers are also part of our latest New Voices cohort - a celebration of all composers on our talent development programmes of 2017/18. You can read Q+As with the artists on the British Music Collection (click here for Emma-Kates's interview/ click here for David's).

Meet the composers

Emma-Kate Matthews

Emma-Kate is an architect, artist, musician and composer. In 2012 she founded EKM Works; a creative practice which promotes cross-disciplinary design with a focus on exploring the boundaries of innovative technologies.Emma-Kate teaches a Masters design unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL where she is also undertaking a design and performance-led PhD. Her research concerns spatio-temporal interdependence between architecture and performed music.In 2015, she released two solo albums of experimental music featuring both electronic and acoustic instruments. She is currently writing a number of site-specific compositions which are directly influenced by the outputs of digital acoustic simulation and 3D scanning.Emma-Kate has previously performed at the Barbican concert hall and has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and the RIBA. She has also had work published in multiple peer-reviewed journals including Architectural Design (Wiley) and Design Ecologies (Intellect books).

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Emma-Kate Matthews said: 

"I’m very excited to have been given the opportunity to explore (potentially new) timbres of acoustic instruments within an orchestral setting and specifically with Sound and Music and the London Graduate orchestra. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what special things will emerge from this exciting collaboration!"


 Variable Dimensions







David Roche

David ROche

British-Welsh David John Roche’s music is celebratory, intense, and bright – consciously in opposition to the circumstances of the world in which it is written. Roche is politically motivated and strongly influenced by the themes of abandonment, alienation, and violence. He believes that there is new, undiscovered compositional territory to be found through the musical representation of marginalized voices, that the clearest, most direct way of developing new modes of expression and representation are to be found in the syntheses of the vast, varying methods of musical construction available to composers writing music today.

#celebration #alienation #violence

David Roche said:

"I have ideas that I have wanted to explore for years and now, thanks to the freedom of this Portfolio scheme, I can finally engage with them. One can’t help but be hugely grateful to organizations such as Sound and Music and the London Graduate Orchestra for their forward-thinking attitudes and phenomenally generous support towards artists. It is going to be fantastic!"





About the London Graduate Orchestra

The London Graduate Orchestra was founded by conductor Claire Lampon and composer Kemal Yusuf in 2013.  Our aim is to offer emerging graduates the opportunity to perform in a high standard orchestra before entering the professional field. Made up of the finest young musicians in London, the London Graduate Orchestra provides a platform for its members to showcase their talent and capabilities. This extends to young composers who have the opportunity to have their music workshopped and performed by the LGO. We also hold open rehearsals for young conductors to lead the orchestra in a constructive and welcoming environment. 

About Portfolio

Aimed at talented composers at an early stage in their career, Sound and Music’s Portfolio scheme provides a key development opportunity for composers to create new work with and for some of the UK’s leading ensembles and presenters of new music.

Funded by Esmee Fairbairn and PRS for Music Foundation.


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