Pathways, Active Encouragement Programme

Active Encouragement: Pathways Programme
Active Encouragement: Pathways Programme
Deadline, Noon Tuesday 24th May 2016 (this call is now closed)
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Sound and Music

Pathways Programme 

Do you write or create your own music? Are you over 18? 

If so, are you a UK national? Are you disabled, or from a background other than White British? 

My name is Richard Whitelaw and I am Director of Programmes at Sound and Music. We are a national organisation that works with people who create their own music. That work often involves helping music creators to develop themselves and their careers. People who we work with in this way benefit from opportunities and support to develop their work and the chance to become better known to audiences, organisations and other artists. We have recently published some data about the range of artists that are applying for our opportunities. From this data we have learned that:  

  • Very few people from backgrounds other than White British apply to take up the opportunities that we create 

  • Very few disabled people apply take up the opportunities that we create 

We have created the Pathways Programme so that we can change these things. We would simply like to work with a broader range of people and we’d like to identify up to 6 artists to work with on this new programme. 

Find out more about our Active Encouragement work & why we think it is important - Read Richard Whitelaw's Blog Here 

The Programme 

This programme is focused on your development. It is a coaching and mentoring programme that will then lead to an extended opportunity for you to make new work with a suitable organisation of your choice. Sound and Music has a great deal of experience in setting up and supporting partnership working. We have worked with all sorts of organisations including Southbank Centre, Pitt Rivers Museum, Forestry Commission England, EMS Electronic Music Studios in Stockholm and the British Library Sound Archive. We have also worked with musical groups of various sizes and individual musicians. 

Part 1 

July 2016 – February 2017 

The first part of the activity involves mentoring and coaching and will last fo6 months. You will meet 3 times with your mentor and 3 times with your coach during that period. If travelling is difficult for you, these sessions can be achieved over Skype or on the phone.  

For this part of the programme you will: 
Receive financial support 
A bursary of £500  
Travel and accommodation expenses, if necessary, to meet with your coach and mentor, this can include your coach or Mentor travelling to you if that’s better for you 
Receive mentoring support to help with the development of your work 
  • Receive mentoring support to help with the development of your work 

Mentoring involves working with and learning from people who have ‘been there and done that’ BEFORE you. They can speak from their experience. They may be able to tell you about the pitfalls, the highlights or the shortcuts that they have experienced along the way and give you guidance as you start to tread your path. They are experienced people that you respect. They listen to you, share their own insights and they advise and support. Sound and Music will work with you to find you a suitable and inspirational mentor. 

  • Work with a professional coach 

Your coach will be there to support your own personal and professional development. They will be there to listen to you and to ask you powerful questions that will help you to make progress in your career. Coaching does not need someone to have been there before you; a coach needs to be there FOR you. They need to know how to ask the powerful questions that will help to create the space for you to envision your future and what you want to achieve. Coaching is a confidential process and a coach creates a safe space for you to explore and achieve your goals.   

Identify a future partner to work with 
This could be a musician, group of musicians or an organisation that you would like to work with. Sound and Music will help you to identify a relationship with a suitable collaborative partner and will support you in this work during Part 2 of the programme (see below) 
Attend a sharing and learning day with other artists 

  • This will give you the opportunity to network, share ideas and experiences, and get to know the other artists that Sound and Music is working with.

Part 2 

February 2017 onwards 

During this part of the programme you will work in collaboration with Sound and Music and your identified partner organisation on the creation of new work over a period of 12 -18 months. You will receive a further bursary and production grant, the size of which will depend on the scale of the involvement of the identified partner organisation. This work will take place as part of Sound and Music’s ongoing and well-established artist residency programmes. 


This programme is all about the artists that will take part. It is an opportunity for you to work with us, we’ll learn from you and you’ll learn with us. You will be able to work on your own plans for your career and then we’ll work together to find you a partner for you to create new music with. We do a lot of work like this and one of the main reasons that our organisation exists is to support artists. If this opportunity is for you then we believe you’ll want to apply because we are going to create, with you, a totally unique opportunity for you to make great new work and to be supported financially and professionally during the process. This is a flexible programme that is designed to work around your needs and commitments. 

Please note: 

  • To be eligible for this programme you must be a UK national and either: 
  • Define as disabled under the Equality Act 2010 (you have a physical or mental impairment that has a 'substantial' and 'long-term' negative effect on your ability to do normal activities)
  • or  
  • From a background other than White British 
  • You must be resident in the UK at the time of application and for the duration of the scheme 
  • You must have the time to complete the activity (if you are concerned about this due to your circumstances please get in touch so that we can discuss your situation) 
  • You must not have been successful in a previous application to the following Sound and Music opportunities: 
  • Embedded 

  • Portfolio 

  • Adopt A Composer 

  • Composer Curator 

  • Audience Labs 

  • Next Wave 

What next? 

At this stage, we’d just like to find out a little more about you. So, if you fit the criteria above, we simply ask that you get in touch to register your interest in the programme and we’ll set up a time with you to have an informal chat.  The registration period will open on 24 March 2016 and will run until 24 May 2016. 

Following registration, you will be invited to enter into more formal application process where you will be asked to complete and submit an application form, after which Sound and Music will select a group of candidates to interview. The application period will open on 24 May 2016. The deadline for applications will be 24 June 2016. 

To register your interest, or if you have any questions at all about the programme, please contact me using the details below. You will need to be in touch with me before 24 May when the registration period ends. 

Download this information here 

Phone: 020 7759 1809 

Twitter: @richwhitelaw 

Our Pathways Programme is part of Sound and Music's Active Encouragement Programme and Diversity work. 

Find out more about our Active Encouragement work & why we think its important - Read Richard Whitelaws Blog Here 



Find out more about our recent Diversity Data here 

Read our latest blog on what we have lernt from three years of collecting Diversity Data 

The Active Encouragement: Pathways programme is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation as well as through core funding from Arts Council England. 

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