Sonic Postcards

Sonic Postcards

Sonic Postcards focuses on the impact of sound on our lives, and the possibilities for creativity through the manipulation of sounds with technology. As with an ordinary postcard it offers the opportunity for people to exchange information about their local environments providing windows into a variety of places, lives and cultures from urban to rural.

The project is aimed at young people in Primary, Secondary, Special Schools and beyond, aged between 9 and 14 years, from around the UK and overseas. Over the course of four years the project has so far reached over 4500 students in 170 schools and 400 teachers who have taken part in the Sonic Postcards project.

The project is free to participating schools.

Sonic Postcards links a number of curriculum studies at Key Stages 2 and 3, including music, geography and ICT, as well as English, citizenship, history, science and art, and is pertinent to key government initiatives for e-learning and for the environment.

Sonic Postcards was awarded the New Statesman New Media Award 2006 for Education for “making the most significant contribution to education through the use of new media technology”.

"Sonic Postcards blends beautiful online imagery with real-world elements to create a whimsical journey through the sounds and images of everyday life across the UK."  

- The New Statesman


"How can we redress the overwhelming imbalance between the visual and the aural in modern life? One answer is a project called Sonic Postcards."

- Richard Morrison, The Times


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