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Wednesday 31st October 2018
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Take our National Educators’ Survey today

#CanCompose - A National Educators’ Survey exploring composing and the teaching of musical creativity in the UK 

Are you involved in the delivery or support the delivery of music education?

Are you a classroom teacher or visiting composer, community organisation or music hub leader, a National Portfolio Organisation, a peripatetic music teacher or a freelance practitioner? 

If you are involved in music education in any way, we want to hear from you.

Today Sound and Music launches an essential national survey aimed at gaining insight and better understanding into the provision for children and young people to compose and create their own music, whether at school, through informal outlets or through other means.   

Please tell us about your experiences. This will help us to gain a national picture, and we will share our findings, take action and lobby for any changes that are needed in policy.

We need your help!

Take Sound and Music’s National Educators’ Survey here 

About Can Compose

This survey is aimed at capturing your current experience, your views and your feedback; alongside your thoughts on the role composing and creating music plays in music education today and what challenges you think the sector faces.

Sound and Music is commited to listening to and learning from you. And we want to highlight and celebrate the outstanding educators and great work taking place around the country, as well as identify where there are issues to address.

“I’m delighted that Sound and Music are doing a National Music Educators’ survey so that we can learn more about how children and young people’s access composing opportunities. To the best of my knowledge, a nationwide survey of this nature has never been undertaken before and it will provide a fascinating insight into how composing is taught and learned.” - Professor Martin Fautley, Director, Research in Education, Birmingham City University

We will bring together, analyse and publish the insight we gain from this survey, together with the next steps including action we will take as part of our National Music Education campaign, Can Compose.

This will include bringing people together to ensure that composition is embedded in policy, to increase recognition of great work by educators, and to develop a better understanding of the importance of a ‘creative’ approach to teaching and learning composing that has children’s creativity at its heart.

“This survey is an important way for us to understand more clearly the musical experiences and needs of young people in England. With this much-needed data we can further our national ambition to ensure that composition and musical creativity are an essential part of young people’s lives.”- Hannah Fouracre, Director, Music Education, Arts Council England 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Take Sound and Music’s National Educators’ Survey here  

Sound and Music will publish the findings of the survey, and next steps, in March 2019

Take Sound and Music’s National Educators’ Survey here  

Sound and Music will publish the findings of the survey, and next steps, in March 2019


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