Touring Programme for 2014/15


Sound and Music Touring Programme for 2014/15

Sound and Music will be supporting the production and development of eleven tours in 2014/15, bringing new music to audiences around England.

This is the largest and most diverse touring programme Sound and Music have developed to date, reflecting the broad and exciting nature of new music today. Nine of the tours are artist-led, reflecting Sound and Music’s growing role in championing and developing composers and artists to have more influence over how their work is made and presented.


bobbie GardnerBobbie Gardner for-wards 

‘for-wards' is a hyper-local pilot music project, led by composer and musician Bobbie Gardner. The project is a micro version of a larger ambition in creating new music inspired by Birmingham’s 40 electoral wards. Performances inspired by 3 neighbourhoods will be presented in both an online and performative way.  

Bobbie will engage with local communities through sonic scavenger hunts, where a bank of unique sound material for each neighboured will be assembled. The found sounds will serve as stimulus for original compositions, performed at local libraries, by a bespoke audio-visual ensemble which includes top musicians from the region.


DRODead Rat Orchestra The Cut

The UK’s leading experimental folk trio Dead Rat Orchestra will undertake an innovative tour across the canals of Southern England, DRO will chart these inland waters, gathering an informal history of England's once thriving industrial arteries from London to Oxford and Bristol exploring social, historical and musical roots along traditional canal routes.

DRO are renowned for their energetic and creative interpretations of traditional music and unique site-specific performances. For The Cut a barge and the canals themselves will provide a slow moving base from which concerts, talks and workshops will be given.The journey will foster impromptu collaborations with local musicians, host visits from local historians and forge links to local community groups, as the DRO explore how the canals continue to resonate with their surroundings today.


pipesHannah Marshall Tuning Out

‘Tuning Out’ is a playful re-imagining of pitch relationships, exploring the lesser chartered areas of scordatura,  microtones and unequal temperaments involving three improvising musicians who question the rules of equal temperament in their own different ways. They will be making use of some of the UK’s many underused pipe organs, and using re-configured and re-tuned string Instruments. Veryan Weston- long term explorer of underused and ancient instruments and Jon Rose – re-builder and re-thinker of the instrumental properties of the Violin, have been collaborating for the last 20 years creating recordings and concerts that re-invent possibilities of how instruments can sound, and who use altered tunings as a primary avenue for improvisation. They are inviting cellist Hannah Marshall  - whose recent album Tulse Hill explores shifting de-tuned open string patterns, to join them in a collaboration over several concerts where the audience can expect to be part of a rich sonic experiment, and have the chance to hear instruments that would otherwise remain un-played. 


IcebreakerIcebreaker Recycled Project

Icebreaker starts a new touring project in 2014, the "Recycled Project".  The programme features five new commissions from a younger generation of composers and is designed to expand Icebreaker stylistically, with a special focus on semi-improvisational elements and live digital and electronic sound manipulation.  Each composer (Ed Bennett, Missy Mazzoli, Paul Whitty and Roy Carroll, as well as an existing piece by Julia Wolfe) will offer a different interpretation of the "Recycled" element: from Ed Bennett recycling Stiff Little Fingers, Roy Carroll using samples of instrumental noises of Icebreaker musicians through to Paul Whitty recycling existing Icebreaker repertoire.



LTLaurence Tompkins & David Bainbridge Mylar

Laurence Tompkins and David Bainbridge present new work ‘Mylar’ for 6-string banjo and handheld electronics in a series of miniature performances across the UK.  They will visit four cities, and perform in four unusual sites in each for around twenty minutes, playing 'Mylar' in some form, and offerings four young British composers. Maximum capacity: 15 per performance. Playing upon the associations of the banjo with wandering troubadours, both players' kit is radically stripped down and comfortably portable, with all electronics or live processing  played through small handheld speakers in contact with simple percussion, giving the sound an 'unplugged' presence. The tour proposes that for work resisting conventional categorisation, claiming liminal spots en masse provides a vital sense of scale which is nonetheless viscerally direct and personal for any audience member.

LeoLeo Chadburn AKA Simon Bookish The Text Message

Composer and vocalist Leo Chadburn, whose work strays between experimental music and pop, presents a programme examining the idea of "text". This will feature new and established works by various composers who have engaged with words in unusual and intriguing ways: radiant settings of found text, automatic writing, stream of consciousness, sinister storytelling, spoken word obscured by noise, and projected text.

Beautiful and rarely heard pieces will rub shoulders with some challenging and provocative ideas about the relationship of language and music, in venues highlighting the programme's connections to literature and the visual arts.


MOGMahogany Opera Group Folie à Deux 

Composer: Emily Hall // Librettist: Sjón // Director: Frederic Wake-Walker

Folie à Deux is about electricity, madness and love. Folie à Deux will take the form both of a staged opera performance and a “concept album”. The piece is inspired by the syndrome known as “folie à deux” whereby the two members of a couple (or others who share a close emotional bond) share the same delusion. Emily Hall is collaborating with Icelandic author Sjón, who has penned many lyrics for Björk, to write her second opera. On tour: Spring/Summer 2015



Sam UnderwoodMortonUnderwood If your village hall

If Wet is a monthly event of sonic exploration, held in a rural Worcestershire village hall; chaired by musical instrument designers MortonUnderwood. Part show and tell, part test bed, part salon. A place for artists to showcase their latest sonic works and research. A place for you to revel and discuss.

After a successful first season in the Callow End village hall If Wet will take to the road, visiting village halls across the country. Expect the usual mixture of wondrous sounds, enthralling discussion and homemade food; only this time in your village hall.



pwhmobspart wild horses mane on both sides 

An absorbing and tactile installation-performance work from Manchester ritualistic improvisors/sound artists Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols aka part wild horses mane on both sides, searching for new ways of experiencing sound while camouflaging the processes. 

Tailoring each show to the location, the piece involves bespoke speaker placement, live instrumentation, acousmatic interventions and the subtle deployment of multi-sensory elements, drawing the audience into a bewitching sonic maze. Building upon a core of three looping, simultaneously played tape compositions and a conscious bridling of audio/visual perception, the show's territory will be mapped in response to each venue’s architecture and acoustics, encouraging participants to explore the space and move through the stageless production generating their own sui generis experience.

Caroline BervallPenned In The Margins Drift

Drift takes you on a journey through time and space, where languages mix, where live percussion meets live voice, where the ancient cohabits with the present. Internationally renowned sound poet Caroline Bergvall teams up with experimental Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach and Swiss visual artist Thomas Köppel and together they invent a language of extremes: from the ancient pool of English and Nordic poetry to lyrics of pop songs and human rights reports into contemporary sea migrants’ disaster.

'Thank heaven for Caroline Bergvall, an artist and poet pushing the boundaries of language in a blogged-up and twittering world' - The Guardian


ManifestoThird Ear MANIFESTO

MANIFESTO captures the vibrancy and immediacy of artist manifesti, from Futurism in 1909 to 1960s Fluxus. Vocalist Loré Lixenberg, laptop artist Federico Reuben and Aleks Kolkowski on wax cylinders and horns bring the texts alive musically, highlighting their ground-breaking and often astonishing nature. A pop-up exhibition, curated by internationally acclaimed curator and composer Frederic Acquaviva, displays rarely seen and exciting artefacts including original manifesto tracts and scores, sound poems and photographs as well as artworks by the manifesto authors alongside the performance. Produced by Third Ear.



There will be more information to follow on each of the tours happening in 2014-2015 in due course. 

If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest to partner with Sound and Music on a Tour, we will be opening up calls in the summer for work happening from April 2015 onwards. 

If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest to partner with Sound and Music on a Tour, we will be opening up calls in the summer for work happening from April 2015 onwards. 

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