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Discord - Utopia 2016
Discord - Utopia 2016
Paths to Utopia opens until 2nd Oct
Inigo Rooms, Somerset House East Wing, King’s College London
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A King’s College London project, supported by Sound and Music.

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About Discord

Discord: An immersive sound installation 

The perfect home. An extension of self. An expression to another. The pursuit of an ideal. Living the dream, or perhaps, the illusion. Whether you have it or don’t, we are all under the influence of dominant ideals, economic realities, and desirable post codes. 

Discord transports you into a Dystopian experience, exploring a range of values and views surrounding the ownership, access to, and definition of home. Transported through an embodied and architectural sound-scape, you are invited to reflect on the power structures that shape Britain’s relationship to the notion of home ownership. 

As you experience the Discord, you are invited to reflect on who is really setting the agenda of domestic and economic perfection. Are you living the dream or the Discord?



We are excited to announce that Elise Plans and Matthias Kispert have been selected to collaborate on Discord sound experience, a King’s College London project, supported by Sound and Music, premiering as part of Utopia 2016.

Artist Caitlin Shepherd has been commissioned by King's College London to create Discord, part of the exhibition Paths to Utopia, which opens in Somerset House on 1 July.

As part of the installation Shepherd is working in collaboration with researcher James Wood and aclaimed producer Typesun and architect Tabitha Popeto create a powerful soundscape around the theme of housing, in which the selected composers will be featured. 

Shepherd explained:

'Discord is a project that uses the medium of sound installation art to invite audiences to reconsider their own personal values and choices in relation to the pursuit of housing security. It aims to link personal choice to political power structures, inviting individuals to reflect the true cost of home ownership. I'm excited about this project as it taps into a major problem of our time; wide-spread unaffordability within the private rental and owner occupant market. Discord invites audiences to get closer to the issue and ask, what can be done.'

Wood said: 

'The home is more than the housing tenure used to occupy it; it is a space of personal identification, freedom, and security. In Britain the home has become increasingly important as a financial asset, which has established a huge demand for private ownership. Discord looks to show how different people relate to the space of the home in different ways, with the aim of showing that it is the space of the home that is important, not the legal status of the tenure or the financial gains from homeownership.'

Selected Composers 

@eplans // 

Elise Plans is currently investigating Adaptive Music Generation, with a focus on applications in  embedded and mobile devices, at Royal Holloway.  As there is no existing medium for standalone adaptive music, her work is interdisciplinary by nature, living in games, apps, and prototype therapeutic devices for health.

Her recent work at BioBeats Ltd, where she writes adaptive music as a dataflow programmer, has seen her music used in “Breathing Stones”: handheld therapeutic devices that use music as a breathing guide to help users manage shock and pain, using visualised biometric data and music as biofeedback.

Elise said: 'I was instantly inspired by this project as my international family often discuss the variety of housing issues and their solutions in different countries.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to try to express the sentiment of different experiences musically, and to work with such a great team.' 

<< Find out more about Elise and her work here >>

@matthiaskispert // 

Matthias Kispert is an artist and composer working in London. His work encompasses video, sound, audio-visual live performance, improvisation, installation and interventions in public space. He has mostly worked collaboratively for a number of years, particularly as a member of media artist collective D-Fuse, with a recent focus on solo projects that are often motivated by an interrogation of socio-political conditions. He is a lecturer in Sound Art at the University of Arts London.

Matthias explained: 'Access to housing at a fair price has become a major issue for people living in London. I have lived here for some 19 years During this time I have seen rents and house prices skyrocket, vibrant neighbourhoods being turned into soulless glass-and-concrete deserts filled with identikit shopping chains, and living space, which is a basic human necessity, increasingly being treated like an investment vehicle. In recent years, many friends have packed up and left for good, as the precarity caused by this state of affairs has become unmanageable for them. Public debate urgently needs to include the voices of those people for whom housing has become an issue that threatens their ability to live and thrive in London. I am excited to be able to contribute to this project, which tackles these important questions head-on.'

<< Find out more about Matthias and his work here >> 

About Caitlin Shepherd


Caitlin Shepherd is an artist and activist concerned with producing and exploring socially engaged site-specific artwork. Using sound and embodiment as main mediums to explore personal stories of political systems, she uses sound documentary to explore themes of social well-being.

She is currently doing a practice based PhD at UWE, part of the 3d3 consortium and funded by AHRC. Her research is entitled Sonorous States and examines the social effect of site-specific sound works on social relationships between individuals and place. Her work is currently concerned with exploring personal stories of access to housing, and exploring the links between current housing policy, market economics and individual and social experience of home. She is particularly interested in researching the social and political effect of public art, located outside conventional gallery space.

She is also founder and director of award winning organisation This is Rubbish.

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About James Wood


James completed his undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Sussex (2010-2013) before obtaining his MA (2014) in International Political Economy at King’s College London, where he is currently a PhD fellow in the Department of European and International Studies. James was awarded a full ESRC scholarship in 2015 to conduct his PhD research, which focuses on the use of mortgage credit as a disciplinary mechanism in advanced capitalism, though a comparative political economy account of British and Danish mortgage systems.

His research on the Danish case was made possible by obtaining a position as a visiting PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School (2015-2016), where he also held the position of Assistant Lecturer.

James has also collaborated with the New Economics Foundation on their assessment of problems in British housing, as well as their recent submission to the House of Lords inquiry into the British housing market. Prior to his academic career, James worked at one of the largest mortgage joint ventures in the United States, between Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. 

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About Typesun


@typesun //




Typesun (real name Luke Harney) is an artist, drummer & DJ from Bristol who's unique form of rugged underground soul music has captured the attention of listeners around the world.

His recorded output receives regular support and praise from significant luminaries such as Francois K, Milo (aka DJ Nature), Giles Peterson, Mr Scruff and Mary-Ann Hobbs amongst many others and in the theatre world he has written music for a number of high profile dance pieces including 'Of Riders and Running Horses' for Dan Canham's Still House (with which he his currently touring) and 'Soundclash' for Phoenix Dance Theatre.

As a DJ, Luke joins the dots between eras and genres with genuine craftsmanship and a deep respect for the art form, his latest single 'Make It Right' is out now on Don't Be Afraid with a forthcoming release on Sonar Kollecktiv scheduled for later in the summer.

In Bristol he is the acting co-ordinator of Journeyman UK, a charity providing grassroots mentoring and rites of passage to teenage boys.

<< Find out more about Typesun and his work here >> 

#Utopia 2016

A King’s College London project, supported by Sound and Music, premiering as part of Utopia 2016.

Funded by the Arts Council.

Sponsored by MiniRig SoundSystem. Supported by DCRC, 3D3, UWE, King's Cultural Institute.



A King’s College London project, supported by Sound and Music, premiering as part of Utopia 2016.

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