Two Composers selected for Quatuor Bozzini!

Quatuor Bozzini
25th January 2017
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Quatuor Bozzini and Sound Festival in partnership with Sound and Music

Congratulations to composers Lawrence Dunn and Sarah Lianne Lewis on being selected to work alongside Quatuor Bozzini on Embedded this 2017! Exchanging with Canadian composers Jason Doell and Rebecca Bruton, the talented four will embark upon a year of opportunity and innovation...

Our Embedded project with Quatuor Bozzini, as part of Composers' Kitchen, features a musical 'foreign exchange' between four UK and Canadian composers, offering the opportunity to have their works premiered in both Montreal and at soundfestival: Scotland's festival of new music. UK composers Lawrence Dunn and Sarah Lianne Lewis will exchange with Jason Doell and Rebecca Bruton, under the mentorship of Bryn Harrison (UK) and Linda Catlin Smith (Canada).

Sound and Music Creative Project Leader, Nicole Rochman, says:

"I am very much looking forward to partnering once again with Quatuor Bozzini and soundfestival on the 2017 Composers’ Kitchen. I have always been struck by the Bozzini’s composer-centred approach, and I admire the curiosity and commitment that drives them to get to the core of the composer’s intentions. With the great environment offered by soundfestival to present the new works and the support of two great mentors, Bryn Harrison and Linda Catlin Smith, this is a tremendously exciting opportunity."

Quatuor Bozzini say:

"We are very excited to meet the new participants at Composer’s Kitchen 2017. Each of the four selected composers impressed us with their originality, daring and creativity. We look forward to entering their musical universes and diving into experimentation with them and the 2 mentors throughout the workshop."

Festival Director of Sound Scotland, Fiona Robertson, says:

"We are delighted to be hosting the Composer’s Kitchen again this year, in partnership with Sound and Music and the Bozzini Quartet. It is great for such a collaborative and high-quality composition project to take place in North East Scotland, allowing our audiences to discover the final works and share in the enthusiasm generated by such a creative international project."

Lawrence Dunn 

Lawrence Dunn

Composer, improviser, pianist, born in London. Studied at Trinity College of Music and later at Cambridge University. Presently continuing a Ph.D at the University of Huddersfield with Bryn Harrison and Philip Thomas. Music has been written for and performed by Orkest de Ereprijs, the Aurora Orchestra, Sounding Motion, Mainly Two, the Set Ensemble, and the RHEA Automatic Piano among others. Pieces forthcoming include a work for soprano Juliet Fraser in collaboration with poet Caitlin Doherty, and an orchestra piece to be premiered by Ilan Volkov and the BBC Scottish Symphony at Tectonics 2017. Written on new music for a variety of outlets, including Tempo, and currently is the editor of Cerenem Journal at Huddersfield. An essay for Music & Literature on Jürg Frey is forthcoming. Currently based in Manchester.

#melody     #harmony     #continuing     #intonation     #song

Lawrence says:

"It's a tremendous pleasure to be able to work with Quatuor Bozzini, with the support of Sound and Music. The Bozzinis have done a huge amount for contemporary music, not only in Canada. As someone who has been following them (with a certain minor obsessiveness) for a few years, the music they've introduced me to has had a fantastic effect. Theirs is a unique and special musicianship. It's also a pleasure to be working again with Sound and Music, without whose efforts the UK contemporary music scene would be far poorer. Their openmindedness and dedication are of enormous value."

What inspired you to apply for this opportunity?

"I had first heard Clemens Merkel live in 2010 when he gave a recital in London at Music we’d like to hear. A couple years later, Mira Benjamin (the quartet's former 2nd violinist) came to London and became a great friend. Since then, more and more people whose activities crossed over with (or were promoted by) the quartet seem to have become important friends, colleagues and mentors. Working with the Bozzinis themselves therefore has an added significance for me, as so many friends have themselves been deeply affected by their musical experiences with the quartet."

What are you most looking forward to working with Sound and Music?

"It's been a pleasure to get to know some of the team at Sound and Music over the past couple years. Theirs is an organisation that has a fantastically difficult job to do, and they perform it with extraordinary friendliness and care. While they can sometimes appear invisible—facilitators that are outshone by their partners, musicians and composers etc.—their ability to foster and support contemporary music in difficult and often straightened circumstances is absolutely invaluable."




Sarah Lianne Lewis

Sarah Lianne Lewis

Sarah Lianne Lewis (b.1988) is a Welsh composer, living in the Vale of Glamorgan. Her music is influenced by hernative Welsh landscapes, Japanese poetry, and the architecture of performance spaces, and has been described as “quiet and delicate” (Matthias Roth, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 2016), and “full of imaginative sonorities” (StephPower, Wales Arts Review, 2016).She studied at Cardiff University between 2006 and 2011, receiving a BA 2:1 (Hons) in Music and History, and an MMus in Composition. Since graduating, she has received several commissions and performances from UK and European festivals, and has enjoyed leading educational workshops, recording sessions, and holding public masterclasses discussing her music.

#soundscape     #contemporaryclassical     #textural     #contemplative     #acoustic

Sarah says:

"When talking to Quatuor Bozzini, I was struck at how keen they were to encourage the practice of creating and developing the music. To remove the pressure of producing a ‘perfect work’ and approach the residency as an experimental lab is hugely refreshing to me as a composer, and I’m looking forward to bringing fragments and wispsof music and developing them collaboratively with the quartet. Being Embedded with Composers’ Kitchen provides me with a unique platform to discuss and develop my music, both in the UK (at soundfestival), and in Montréal, and I’m really pleased to be working alongside Quatuor Bozzini, Sound and Music and soundfestival, all of whom champion the creation and dissemination of new music."

What inspired you to apply for this opportunity?

"Having grown up as a violinist myself, I love the sound world of a string quartet, but haven’t had the opportunity to write for the medium since my university studies. In the months prior to applying, a friend spoke highly of his own experience of the Composers’ Kitchen, and I’d seen a recording of Quatuor Bozzini perform Alvin Lucier’s Disappearances, which had resonated with me.The opportunity to work closely over an extended period of time with Quatuor Bozzini is immensely valuable in aworld where composers have limited face-time with performers, and even premieres receive limited workshop and rehearsal time. So much of my music is concerned with texture and detailed sounds. Getting the opportunity with world-class musicians with such a thorough understanding of their instrument and of contemporary techniques isreally exciting."

What are you most looking forward to about working with Sound and Music?

"I’m thrilled to have been selected as an Embedded composer with Sound and Music - their residencies are really beneficial, placing emerging composers with highly-regarded ensembles and institutions both in the UK and abroad. I also appreciate the help and support that Sound and Music give to emerging composers on the residencies, to equip them with skills to develop their careers."






Rebecca Bruton

Rebecca Bruton

Rebecca Bruton (MFA) is a composer and vocalist based in Calgary, AB.  Her work emerges from the interstices between avant-pop, experimental chamber music, and noise, and often features unusual pairings between voices, strings and electronics.  As one half of the vocal performance duo Moss Moss Not Moss (with Canadian-Icelandic poet a rawlings), Rebecca has presented original work at Tectonics Festival Glasgow, and has had her composition and performance work featured on BBC's Hear and Now radio program.  Rebecca has released two studio albums under the pseudonym Rebecca Flood.  She is also co-creative producer (with sound artist Alexandra Spence) of Tidal ~ Signal, a Vancouver-based festival dedicated to increasing representation of women and transgendered artists in sound art and experimental music.  

#handscores     #experimentalchambermusic     #beatingphenomena     #sound
poetry     #durationalnotation     #processminimalism

Rebecca says:

"Each time I write a piece, I have a general sense of the sound I’d like to hear, and I know the basic parameters of the tools I’m working with, but I don’t know what formal constructions will be required in order to create that sound.  I therefore have to problem solve, continually creating and re-creating structures until I have the closest approximation of what I hear.  What I appreciate most about Quatuor Bozzini (in an educational capacity) is their openness to experimentation, combined with a rigorous critique of the communicability of a score – they are skilled at pushing a composer to not only expand the limits of their ideas, but also their understanding of the craft that makes up those limitations."

What inspired you to apply for this opportunity?

"I’m currently working on a couple of string quartets, and I wanted the opportunity to deconstruct and refine my ideas with the support of a professional ensemble. What most excited me about this opportunity, however, was the chance to work with and alongside a group of other composers – to learn not only from the chance to test out my own ideas, but also to hear what other composers are excited to try, and what kinds of feedback they’ll receive. I’m already inspired thinking about the conversations that are going to take place over the course of the two workshop periods."

What are you most looking forward to about working with Sound and Music/Quatuor Bozzini?

"I’m very excited to meet UK composers, and to participate in an intensive workshop that takes place between two continents.  I’m also thrilled that the final pieces will be performed in the Sound Festival – I believe this promotes a professionalism in both creation and presentation of musical ideas. "




Jason Doell

Jason Doell

Jason Doell is an acclaimed Canadian composer whose works have been interpreted by many important international artists.Jason's work has earned him many selections for prestigious workshops/commissions and has won him many awards. Among the awards, he has won the Toronto Emerging Composer Award and Harry Freedman Recording Award, presented by the Canadian Music Centre. He has also garnered considerable attention from Toronto media where his collaboration with percussionist/composer Germaine Liu was selected in the top-ten of 2014 concerts of any genre in Toronto. 2017 is busy for Jason, who is writing for Continuum, Thin Edge, and Quatuor Bozzini. 

#delicate     #focused     #textured     #quiet 

Jason says:

"Quatuor Bozzini and Sound and Music have put together a really wonderful program and I am very excited to be a part of it! Quatuor Bozzini is an ensemble whose sense of aesthetics resonate with me at a deep level and I look forward to the to working with them, the mentors, and other participants."

What inspired you to apply for this opportunity?

"At this point in my artistic development, I have been looking for opportunities to work with artists with whom I share direct aesthetic interests. I have connected very deeply with much of the repertoire that Quatuor Bozzini has performed on recordings and in concert so applying to this program was an easy choice for me to make. An added incentive for me this year was the inclusion of Linda Catlin Smith, who is one of my favourite composers, as a mentor composer."

 What are you most looking forward to about this residency?

"As a composer, I am looking very forward to having the opportunity to workshop my piece with such an amazing ensemble and set of mentors. Working on music directly with musicians, especially ones who are so sensitive, is a process that I deeply enjoy."





About Quatuor Bozzini

Since 1999, the Bozzini Quartet has been an original voice in new, experimental and classical music. Their skew is radically contemporary, propelling the hyper-creative Montréal scene, and beyond. With rigorous qualitative criteria, they have nurtured a vastly diverse repertoire, unbiased by the currents of fashion.This has led to over a hundred and eighty commissioned pieces, as well as close to three hundred other premiered works. A Bozzini Quartet concert is an art happening, with meticulous and sensuous attention to detail. Appearances in leading international festivals and major venues includes Gaudeamus Muziekweek, HCMF, Klangspüren, NovemberMusic, FIMAV, Kortrijk, Ultima, Muziekgebouw and Tsuda Hall. The Bozzini Quartet supports widly the younger generation of composers through workshops, notably their Composer’s Kitchen. The quartet runs its own recording label, Collection QB, and has issued critically acclaimed albums, many of which have become reference recordings in the discipline.




About Sound Scotland

"At sound we are all about new music. We think everyone should go on a sonic adventure, discovering new sounds and widening their musical horizons. We support composers to create - making new music is important to us. We’re about expecting the unexpected and making the north-east of Scotland a more exciting and vibrant place to live and visit."






About Embedded 

Embedded is a Sound and Music composer and creative-artist development programme. Funded by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the PRS for Music FoundationEmbedded places a selection of composers from a range of disciplines into extended relationships with leading national arts organisations.

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