Vision Sound Music

2-4 September 2011
South Bank Centre, London

Welcome to Vision Sound Music - the UKʼs first festival of music for visuals. Bringing together music, games, film, advertising and brands to London's South Bank Centre on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2011.

Video games from Heavenly Sword to Little Big Planet are taken to the next level by music. In film, from classic scores like Bernard Herrmannʼs Psycho to the smart soundtracking of Scorsese and Tarantino, music is an essential dramatic component. Brands and adverts from Enoʼs Microsoft jingles to the Cadburyʼs drumming gorilla, are at their best with music in their heart. And in the digital space, from OK Go’s treadmills to Kutimanʼs YouTube collages, music makes visuals come alive.

The three days split into:

VSM Nights
Taking place across the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Royal Festival Hall on Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September, VSM Nights is three evenings crammed with specially commissioned performances, talks and events celebrating the meeting points between vision, sound and music. Sound and Music curates Saturday's horror-inspired event with the Sound of Fear: The Musical Universe of Horror. You can see the rest of the VSM Nights programme here.

VSM How2
Daytime on Saturday 3rd Sept is filled with insider insights by top industry professionals uncovering creative processes. For music, design, animation, graphics, film or computer science students, aspiring professionals and seasoned professionals who wants to get a deeper insight into complementary industries. Sound and Music will be running sessions on How2 get ino the video games industry via music and sound, a Horror Movie Music Materclass and Faber Music presents a bite-sized introduction to their unique course focused on Composing for Film and Television. Plus loads more events for aspiring composers, artists, sound designers and students.

VSM Family
On Sunday 4th Sept, the last day before schools return from summer holidays, VSM Family is a day for parents, kids and friends to share a packed Sunday full of interactive, creative, hands-on fun, exploring video games, music and film. Discover More here.

A one-day b2b seminar on Friday 2nd Sept, bringing together the music, film, advertising, and video games industries in a uniquely creative mix. VSM Pro is the place for professionals to network and find out about the latest, most exciting innovations from businesses doing business with music.

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