When handling your grant money, be sure to keep track of your expenses so that you don’t end up short and paying out of your own pocket. Keep all your receipts or photocopy them. Keep an excel sheet for expenses. Below are a few templates to help you organise the numbers.

Some funders will require a clear description of how their money was spent. There are web services around to help in managing the numbers, which is perhaps not the most enthralling part of producing a project, but very necessary.

[Download budget template]

There are several web services that can help you organise your expenses. These will help you manage invoices and bill payments.

MyCake is an online toolkit to help you manage the financial side of your business simply and easily. If you see commerce as a valid output for your creative endeavours, then MyCake is there to help you make the most of it. MyCake is specifically geared towards helping micro businesses manage their finances.

Online and iPhone app designed for small to medium sized businesses looking to streamline their workload, projects and staff delegation. Full featured, with timesheets, invoices, users and client management.

A web-based invoicing and billing solution for businesses and web designers. Easily create, send and manage invoices and accept payments online via credit card. You can also sell your products and services using order forms which your customers can sign up to and even link to live APIs such as Plesk, Geotrust, Enom, Basecamp and many more.

A web-based invoicing service designed to provide effortless and hassle-free billing solution. The application can be used for any product or service. You can easily create, send, and track all your invoices online.

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