Digital Rights

Digital is still very much evolving at the moment. We're still trying to move away from the culture of everything being free. There are more and more paid services. Apple is perhaps the first example of that where they charge 79p for a download for each track. The composers and publishers get 6.5% of the 79p. Youtube for example, they have a license now, but there are millions and millions of uses. For each use, although it’s paid for, is worth a fraction of a penny. You need lots and lots and lots of uses on Youtube in order to make a living. It's still very early days for digital, but the market is growing. It's worth about 3 or 4% of the collecting society's turnover at the moment, so that shows that most money still comes from traditional sources. It's very slow, very difficult and hard to persuade users and customers that they have to pay for their music.

- Sarah Faulder, Chief Executive of Music Publishers Association

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