In the Press

When promoting in the press yourself, try to find key contacts within the media who will help you get the word out about your event or project. Ask for recommendations of people who have promoted similar work in the press before. Often there are individuals who are particularly interested in and supportive of your kind of work, and would be interested in writing about you. Most media platforms will also have a website, which you can also sign up to and post your event in their listings. Contact TV (BBC, Channel4), radio stations (including online, eg. BBC Radio 3, ResonanceFM), newspapers (eg. the Guardian, The Independent, Telegraph, Evening Standard), magazines and publications (eg. The Wire, Frieze, Time Out, Mute Magazine, Variant). Time Out has regular listings, to which it is easy to submit details about any exhibition or event.

Press Kit

A press package can be useful for organising your work that can be easily sent out to the press or along with proposals. They can include: a biography, CV, statement, press release or project description, and hi-res images (of your work or yourself).

Press packages can be useful and easy to send out to festivals, funders and the press. It keeps your work organised and it is better than constantly sifting through your files. Keep an updated CV/bio, key images, and statements in one place on your computer. It can also be useful to have documentation and a portfolio of projects that can be easily accessed and pulled out when needed. Additionally for projects, technical diagrams can be useful to inform people how the work is intended to be presented or set up. Overall, it is important to keep your files organised and make sure they are backed up safely somewhere.

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