One of the most effective ways of getting your work out there and getting jobs is to go out and meet people. Attend events and speak to people, build relationships and ask questions. This will be the network that will support you in the future. Focus on developing long-term relationships with people working in your field. Share ideas and your work and get involved in the community.

‘Networking’ can sound like an unpleasant word, but it can also be as simple as making friends. Make friends with the people around you, and simply express your genuine interests in other people's work. Be curious about the work that people are making and grow your knowledge of the field. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from the people you meet. One connection will lead you to the next, which is part of building the support network for your career. Get their email or contacts and keep in touch. Put them on a mailing list and keep them updated with your projects or try initiating a project or proposal idea. Ask for help or recommendations. In general, people love to help where ever they can.

Words of Advice

Getting to know people face to face is very important in the music world. It is such an overcrowded profession and people are flooded with potential performers, composers etc. Contacts grow, of course, as the more people you can get talking about you, the more other people will hear. If you are going to start spreading the word about yourself or your group, try to make it as personal as possible and show in your letter/email/phone call that you have taken time to find out what that person or organisation is all about.

– Tom Hammond, Sound Collective


It is nice to promote and support your friends, and of course, it can be a great way of getting them to promote you as well. It is a way of being involved in a community of like-minded thinkers and building up a support network. Exchange links and start getting new visitors or people interested in your work through others. Collaborating and exchanging knowledge and connections can bring new possibilities that would not be possible on your own. Place a link on your webpage of all your partners, friends and collaborators. They are likely to do the same in return.

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