Print Publishing

As part of your practice (especially if creating scores), you may be interested in writing or publishing your work in print. This section will help you think about ways of printing and distributing your publication from considering print on demand: zines, books and newspapers.

[Also see: Promoting Yourself, ‘Printed Matter’ section]

OpenMute Press
OpenMute Press provides consultancy and book making services
for all aspects of book ePublishing, from POD, bespoke hand bniding to
eBooks and tablets. lets you make, self-publish, print and sell print-on-demand books, e-books, photo books and calendars with free book publishing.

Independent Publishers Guild
Trade association for independent publishers in the UK.

Newspaper Club
The Newspaper Club is a cheap and fast way of producing your own newspaper publication, which allows you to be creative with newsprint and ink. Print can be black and white or colour and ranging from 5 to 5000+ copies for £35 to £1500 for 5000 colour copies.

Publish Yourself
Helps you understand the process of book publishing in the UK from getting an ISBN to printing and copyrights.

Publish and Be Damned
Publish and Be Damned is an ongoing series of projects related to artists’ publishing. Engage with a community of small press and share your work and get ideas on how to self-publish your work.

Open Publishing Guide
Describes the steps in self-publishing from planning to publishing to help you understand the whole production process better.

Wikihow: How to Make a Zine
A wiki resource on everything you need to know about making a zine.

Incomplete Guide to Print on Demand (POD)

Free Barcode Generator

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