Finding a Course

The UK’s official graduate career website provides information on post-graduate studies including profiles of universities, departments and courses in the UK. The site also includes listings for graduate jobs and career advice.

Find a Masters is a one-stop shop for students looking for a postgraduate Masters course/qualification within the UK.

UCAS is an organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK. The site provides tips on choosing and applying for courses, and helps you understand the entry requirements, admission tests, handling interviews and understanding the whole process of applying to higher education.

The CUCAS website provides a list of all courses of study at conservatoires. If you are looking to study at a conservatoire, you need to apply through the website.

Words of Advice

Never listen to anything anyone
tells you, unless you specifically asked them, or have no idea how to do
what you want, or even worse, not the slightest idea what you want to
do. In all these cases, you should probably go and study in further
education or higher education, and if you can't be bothered to do this,
perhaps you're doing the wrong thing. But don't take my word for it.

– Mick Grierson, Goldsmith's, University of London


Jobs and Career Advice provides listings for academic jobs and study opportunities across the UK. It provides articles with career advice for working in academia.

TARGET Jobs is a large online resource for graduate jobs and internships. It also provides advice for a wide range of fields and tips for job hunting and finding work experience.

Careers in Music and the Arts

Careers in Music is a website that provides links to jobs and opportunities in the music business. It also gives advice on starting a business in music and working in the industry.

The BBC provides a practical guide for parents of children looking to pursue a career in music. The guide covers potential careers from production to composing to music media, education and therapy.

Arts Hub is an online resource for jobs and news information for professionals working in the arts in the UK. Members can choose to receive jobs and news specific to their own creative industry or, alternatively, across many creative pathways including Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Writing & Publishing, Film, and Heritage industries.

Incorporated Society of Musicians’ provides advice for careers in music.


Career Information for Art and Design Students at Kent University provides a list of links for jobs and opportunities in the arts.

NHS provides insight into the career of an Art Therapist. It describes the training and career prospectives of the role.

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