Technical, Practice & Theory Courses

Technical Courses

When considering further studies, some courses are more geared towards developing technical skills for a job in the industry for instance, in sound engineering, software engineering or broadcasting etc. The skills you gain in these courses prepare you for working in the industry.

Practice-based Courses

Practice-based courses in composition or performance allow you to develop your creative ideas, and help you understand your work through researching the field and getting feedback from your peers and tutors. These courses help you understand and think critically about the work you are making. Courses will provide minimal technical training and will often expect you to learn on your own. These courses will help you develop your ideas and artistic practice, but will not prepare you for work in the wider world.

Theory-based Courses

Theory-based courses in art history, musicology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies and critical studies will provide you with the research and critical thinking skills to think about art, music and culture in society. The theory you learn can be applied to develop a critical practice that will help you develop a rigorous framework and help you think about how your work engages with a broader social field. Following this route will not equip you with technical skills, but provide you with knowledge and skills in research and a potential career in academia. It will largely help you produce better and more critically informed work.

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