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30 June 2020


We are looking for proposals for workshops, activities or events either as series or one-offs, for a new online Listening Arts Channel. This is a paid opportunity with potential for development and continuity.



We’re All Bats is developing to be an online Listening Arts Channel that presents series of workshops, activities and events aiming to develop natural faculties for attention to subtlety in aural perception and mindfulness, expand one’s aesthetic appreciation of sound, promote practical skills for listening and for expanding one’s sound environment and inspire creativity.


The onus is on the experience of the visitor to the channel hence the Listening Arts. We are not a music webzine, or editorial, we do not focus on music as a cultural asset but on sound as a sensory experience and what we may learn as individuals and society by enriching and developing our aural perceptions.


What we are looking for

This is set to be diverse, sharing the focus of listening. Examples of areas we would like to cover include sound art, sound healing, deep listening, field recording, sound cultures and histories, experimental sound and instruments and films, documentaries, movement works with prominent sound content and other projects that expand on the definition of Listening.Curated by Joel Cahen and Daniel W J Mackenzie

Target audiences age groups are from young children to the elderly. We are also looking for work for abled people as well as for those with mixed abilities and learning difficulties.

There is flexibility in the form the proposals can take, from one off performances and experiences to workshops or lectures that unfold over several programmed episodes. New projects are very welcome, as are existing or previously delivered ones. We can also consider unfinished projects depending what is required for them to reach completion.



 The programme will be distributed on online platforms such as Zoom, Twitch, Facebook Live etc. and will be a mixture of free, donation and ticketed events, with some remaining in the site archives for revisiting in the future.

As lockdown measures are starting to loosen we may be able to consider programme items that incorporate an external or group element, according to safety measures current to the time.


The fee available for contributors is scalable according to their effort and will be discussed with those who submit proposals that we feel we can consider for the programme. Our aim is to develop sustainable monetisation of your work with us.



We will be accepting proposals on an ongoing basis until the 30th of June, and will start contacting successful applicants from mid-June.


To submit a proposal please send an email to artists@wereallbats.co.uk with:


-        Your name / project name*

-        Title / working title of project

-        Short description*

-        Long description with supporting media*

-        Details of expected fee with breakdown of costs

-        Website / CV / previous activities

-        Contact details*





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